Saturday, 17 January 2015

Lovely Lip Sealer Review

Good Morning all!

So I should have posted this last night, but I had a busy night -  by a busy night I mean I got distracted catching up on TV and it took me around 4000 hours to actually finish this post! This week I intended to show you my three go to lips, but then I stumbled up a new product - Lipcote. This product promises to make your lips ' smudge, feather and kiss proof' so lets give it a little go!

Picture quality doesn't get much better today...

I thought the best way to test this product would be to use it with my favourite everyday lip (MUA berry wine pencil paired with Natural Collection fig leaf), my most smudge-able impractical lipstick (Rimmel moisture renew 330 slobbed plum Lipstick)  and finally with the MUA lacquers ( in halcyon and funk) which keep going all bitty on my lips when I wear then for longer than three minutes!!!

I really wasn't lying about the quality

Soooooo the product advises for best results to foundation your lips, blot with a tissue, line your lips and blot again then apply your lipstick, blot, lipstick again, blot AGAIN and then apply the Lipcote - its not the shortest of processes.

This stuff is little on the smelly, tingly side, so be prepared and it take FOREVER to properly dry. It's dry to touch fairly quickly but if you don't leave it long enough and the rub them or deliberately smudge your lips to test the product, it kinda forms this weird glue like substance, like you get when you rub wet Prittstick?

When you are a little less impatient, this product does work to an extend. It does increase the longevity (oooooohhh big word) of the lipstick, it lasts and doesn't fade half as quick, which is great with my everyday lip look I have! So when it comes to that I was extremely impressed!! Also it may have made my Rimmel Lipstick more wearable - this lipstick is impossible to deal with on a day to day basis, well I find it to be anyway. It always feathers or bleeds, and kiss proof it is not!!! Howeverrrr I can honestly say this makes it a solid 70% better.

Sadly Lipcote doesn't help with my lip lacquer, so the search goes on - PS if anyone knows a way to stop this happening let me know but it breaks my heart that I cant wear these beeauutifulll colours!

Over all id give this little handy product a 6/10, and at only £3.95 at Superdrug at the moment, id suggest giving it a go!

Did you expect a serious picture? Tough!

Next week with hopefully be a make up look... but well see!

See ya soooonnnn!

Lynds xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Ghost of makeup past!

Hello again!

Posting two weeks running... I'm as shocked as you! Last week if you've read my post - if you haven't, what are you doing!?! go read it gosh #pushyJoking, anyway in my last post I expressed my disgust with my eyebrows which lead to a good rifle through old pictures and it got me thinking how much I have learnt since the younger years, and what I wish I could go back and tell myself! So here is ..

Six Things I wish Young Lynds knew about makeup!

Spider lash, Spider lash...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Eyebrow SOS!

Oh hey, didn't see you there, seen as I abandoned my blog for 1000000 years!!!!
So, its been a while - I could make up a zillion excuses to explain my sudden disappearance, but to be frank with you, my dog ate my laptop..... just kidding.. but seriously it did break, and then my attention got distracted by sexy amazing things like working -_-  and my blog drifted to the far back of my, often empty and vacant, mind. BUTTTTTTTT I'm back to my cosy - yet tiny - corner of the internet.
Now I know I've not been around for a while, but I need help!!
Anyone who previously read my posts would know I have a little bit of a thing with my eyebrows, when I say a thing I mean - ARRGHHH WHY ARE YOU SHAPED THE WAY  YOU ARE AND SO THIN AND WEIRDLY COLOURED AHHH. Pleaseee just be normal brows :'( :'( WHYYYY are you C shaped, that's not even a brow shape, I'm not the alphabet!!!! Stupid F*&%* brows!!!!! - but its just a little thing.....

Monday, 4 August 2014

July (a little bit late) favourites

Helllooooo beauties!

Hope you are all well as always! This week I thought I'd jump on the lovely blogging bandwagon of showing my monthly favourites! 


Snapshot of the faves!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Coffee on your face?!?

Hello Beauties!!!!!

Hope your are all well and enjoying this lovely sun - and extreme, little too hot, heat (yes I moan about everything!)

Right so this week's post is a little bit of a 'look what I made' and a little bit of a 'PLEASE HELP ME!!'. Over the past week or so I have been on a sort of detox/health living type thing - drink loads of water, eating more fruit and veg (a little less crisps and dips!) and most painfully, dramatically reducing my caffeine intake. Now if you know me well enough you will know my body is probably made of around 50% tea, 30% coffee and 20% actual human-ness, so cutting down on my caffeine has been quite the journey, aside from my huge craving and probably slight shortness with other (apologies dear family and friends), my skin has decided to have a breakdown!

I know when you detox, your skin (and general feel goodness) gets a little worse before it gets better - I presume because it has a lifetime of junk food expel - but my skin has become horribly dry in some areas, and spotty and oily in others. This not only means I look rather odd without makeup but also means I look even worse when I do put it on *crying frustrated face* so I decided I'd try out some homemade scrubs and masks, and in my quest to find the best ingredients for completely given up skin, I stumbled across SOOOO many recipes using coffee - meaning I get a slight fix of caffeine and potentially help my skin! I made both a scrub and a mask using coffee and both honestly did wonders for my skin - so naturally I had to share them with you!!!!

Soil Scrub

What you'll need! And yes, that is a Ben 10 cup

MUD.. I mean er, coffee

Okay, so there no soil in this at all, it just looks like soil. The main ingredient for this is coffee grind, which is basically what is left when you make fresh coffee. I didn't actually have any of these but I do have a coffee maker so instead I pulled open a pod and mixed about a
teaspoon of hot water,  just until it looks soily. If you don't use a pod use about a tablespoon of grinds.

You then want to take half a cup of sugar - brown sugar is better, just because it adds a better texture -but I used white sugar which still worked and you're more likely to have lying around! Put that in the bowl and add a 1/4 cup of salt, a dash of honey (by a dash I mean a squeeze or a spoonful) and then add in the mud like coffee. Finally add the oil, I did this teaspoon at a time and still ended up putting too much in and had to add more sugar so be cautious when doing this!

While it does look good, it does good!

All you do then is mix it up until you get a lovely mud coloured scrub and apply this to a clean face.

Looking urm good?

Choco-coffee Face Mask

Simple ingredient!

This is how thick I made mine!
This time it is what it says on the tin! This mask is lovely and thick but as a warning it is a little bit of a pain to get off so its a lovely excuse to invest some time to yourself (not that you need one!) So you need to get another pod out (or a tablespoon full) - but this time don't add any water -  and pop it straight in the bowl. You then want to add a tablespoon of cocoa powder/hot chocolate, and a generous tablespoon of honey. Now the milk is the difficult part (its not really that hard - dramatic much), you need to add about 1/4 of a cup and give it a mix and then decided how thick you want it - more milk for a runny-ier mask. Once you've got the consistency you want apply it all over your face as you normally do with a mask.

These really did help to resurrect my skin, I used the scrub everyday and the mask twice in a week and my skin feels almost normal! This is where I NEED your help however, the scrub and mask are all well and good but I can not find a face cream that works so I'd love to know what you use! Also if you've got any detoxing or healthy lifestyle tips please send them this way as they would be much appreciated!!!

Sorry I've wittered on so much this week!

See you soon!

Lynds xx

Monday, 21 July 2014

Mini MUA Haul!

Hello there my beauties!!

It's been over a month since my last post - I am terrible I know, have you missed me?! This month has been such a busy one with my first Glastonbury, refurbishing and redecorating bedrooms and most recently my graduation! That's right I am now a fully qualified grown up (on paper anyway!). Any who, less about my disappearance and more about the makeup!! I've mentioned before how amazing I thought MUA products are but this past few weeks I have developed a new understanding of how A-MUA-ZING they are (please feel free to judge me for that awful pun)

          * Slight disclaimer, I went a little eye product mad - hopefully it doesn't get to boring! *   

MUA Pro-brow Eyebrow Kit!

Lovely little kit...

So I have had a constant battle with my eyebrows for years now, and this MUA Pro-brow kit is god sent - and for only £3.50 who am I to complain!! I had a bit of an issue with the colour matching mainly as I'm pretty sure they only have the one shade but I'm pretty sure I may have been half asleep when looking! I like this kit because there's a clear gel which I love for keeping the brows in place- stop those naughty strays! It also has two lighter shades that I have been using as highlight for a less dramatic look, I'll be honest I'm not 1000% sure if that's what these shades are for - oopsy! - either way they have been quite useful!!

....and an inside shot!

MUA 3-in-1 Contour Pen

Shiney new makeup!


The multi-use nib!
Right so this nifty eye shadow contour pen thingy-mijig was only £1.50, so whilst I didn't necessarily know whether I'd use it, I simply couldn't turn it down so I picked up the dark brown and gave it a whirl!! They have quite a few colours so I'm really looking forward to playing around with the other shades! This is a slanted crème shadow liner, which can be used in, well 3 ways, which is shown on the box but I personally don't really find this suggested uses all to useful! I've been using it as liner when I want a softer look and I also like using it in the crease and blending in to create a very pretty cut crease look - potential tutorial if you'd like it guys!    

MUA 12 Shade Palette

Neutral and boo-tiful

My attempt at swatching!

If you've been following my blog you'll know by now I have a little obsession with Sleek products so when I stumbled across these MUA palettes - which have a small similarity to the Sleek palettes expect these come in at only £4 each -  I just had to give them a little go and I was impressed!!! This particular palette is Heaven and Earth and has such pretty colours - see my little swatches! Now while these are such lovely colours the wear of this eye shadow isn't as long as its more expensive friends, which if were honest for under five pounds its to be a little expected however I found using a good primer (I use the Collection 2000 primer) improves the wear of it!

So there's my little haul, I fully intend on try a lot more of the MUA products - I may have accidently ordered a large haul just last night - so they'll be more reviews to come! I promise I'm back for good now - no more unannounced disappearances!! So let me know what you'd like to see over the coming weeks and I'll try my best!! 

Thanks for reading all!

See you soon

Lynds xx  

Friday, 13 June 2014

Icons - Becoming Bridget Bardot!

Hello beauties!

This week as I’m sure everyone will know - whether you’re happy about it, or in my case not so much - saw the beginning of the 2014 World Cup. I’m really not a massive fan of football, but my better half Matt of At the Far Post is and aside from annoying me with it, he'll be blogging his opinions on the world cup, so if you're male counterparts are being all footbally, send them over to there!!! However ill be avoiding football talks and matches ill be burying myself in makeup - no surprise there!!! But on to the more important....

Very 60's shoot here!